2019 Partner Program Evolution

Episerver has been growing fast and it's now time to evolve our Partner Success Program to better support you. Our focus is to grow our partnership and to ensure high-quality solutions for our end customers and we are therefore investing in tools and resources to enable our Partners to build bigger, more differentiated and more successful Episerver practices.

The program changes are effective July 1, 2019 and we have summarized some of the changes on this page.

More information was given during our Global Partner Webinar on June 18th and our Swedish Partner Webinar on June 19th.

Partner tiers: new names and new levels

We are changing the names of our partner tiers and added two new levels to help partners differentiate themselves. New top tiers mean the higher you go, the more benefits you get! Partners that were previously at the Premium level will not lose any benefits, but will receive additional benefits.

New support and developer benefits

Self-deployment will be available for production, not just pre-production. Our top three tiers can get free hours with their Named Technical Advisor and receive a Technical Partner Success Review to learn how they can improve implementations.

EDF and other educational benefits

New Education Development Funds (EDF) will be available for the top three tiers, in addition to the referral fees they already receive. There will also be a completely new Train the Trainer program.

All partners will have access to free sales enablement training. We want to ensure that you are always up-to-date on our latest products and their benefits.

MDF and other marketing benefits

Our top three tiers will also receive new Marketing Development Funds, in addition to the referral fees they already receive. We are also increasing the visibilty on Episerver's website and adding marketing benefits. 

Resale margins to include subscription licenses

To reflect Episerver’s transition to subscription licenses, your partner resale margins will now include subscription licenses. Learn how partner discounts on subscription licenses and referral fees on cloud services are also changing.

New sales enablement benefits

 Learn how to sell, position and differentiate Episerver solutions using the same free Sales Enablement Training our Episerver sales team leverages.

Updated competency requirements

We are updating the competency requirements to ensure that our partners have the knowledge and technical expertise to successfully implement, position and sell Episerver products.

Frequently Asked Questions

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